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Leadership Coaching with measurable and guaranteed results - supplemented with a high degree of personal growth and self-development.

Dirk Jan Versluis

Develop Greater Leadership Power

Are you a conscious leader or entrepreneur with a serious need for leadership development - and are you actually looking for something else than what you find on LinkedIn and in management books?

For you, is leadership not only about effectiveness and end results, but also about inner development, the questions of the soul and a visionary aspect or the desire to leave a legacy in the world? Or does your personal history mean that you search deeper than others?

Leadership is naturally associated with strength.

A greater power than mere ego structures, however, is to be found within. It takes excellent attunement to yourself and others to wield the deep power that brings out the very best in your people. We can help you make these power sources available and the process to that we call Inner Leadership.


  • • Be an even better leader

  • • Delegating more appropriately

  • • Changing organizational and team behavior

  • • Guiding the growth of your business

  • • Making better decisions

  • • Organizational trauma

  • • Dealing with tensions and conflict

  • • Building trust and safety in the workplace

  • • Implementing feedback and feedforward on all levels

  • • Changing organizational culture

Challenges in Leadership Development

Personal Leadership, Transformational Leadership and Straight-Line Leadership: there is an abundance of terms and methods that often brings confusion to clients. Regardless of the method chosen, there are numerous challenges to achieve truly transformational coaching results.

  • Coaching is confidential and behind closed doors. Your board members and colleagues have no clue what you are doing and are certainly not optimally involved with your process.

  • Coaches love reflections and insights (to be honest: so do we). However, there is the risk of losing accountability, implementation and follow up - with disappointing results.

  • A serious investment of time, money and effort there should be no doubt on the Return On Investment (ROI). That clarity and measurability often lacks.

  • Coaches know that serving large business customers includes staying away from all sorts of vagueness. Many results-oriented coaches therefore shy away from the brutally honest reality of brokenness, shame and proverbial elephants in the room.

To be a great leader you must know yourself

Marshall Goldsmith developed an effective way to measurably improve leadership with his Stakeholder-Centered Coaching (MGSCC) - no cure, no pay. We absolutely love to make things tangible and measurable, but we also believe leaders need a great amount of inner development:

  • It will give you fundamental insights in the psychology and development of yourself and the people you work with.

  • Your leadership will no longer be about the visible behaviors and consequences only, but also address the invisible factors underlying it.

  • Your people skills and emotional sensitivity will grow exponentially.

  • You will develop a solid inner foundation to have the results spread in your direct environment, see them spread throughout your organization and maintain the progression for years to come.

Great results at your fingertips

Imagine what the following USPs can mean for you and your organization.

  • Insight AND Implementation

  • Gain greater insight into yourself and your leadership, with accountability for implementation and follow-up.

  • Full Support

  • It doesn't NEED to take much time, but it certainly CAN! We offer unlimited coaching and guidance - including discussing realtime cases and challenges presenting in your life.

  • Extreme Transparancy

  • Discover extreme transparancy! Your own people will provide input on how you can become a better leader, and how you do it. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be scary, it increases our results and it takes less than ten minutes a month.

  • Measurable Goals

  • Together we determine tangible, concrete goals. Your own people will evaluate whether you have really improved. If not, we don't get paid!

  • Personal Growth

  • You not only become a better leader, but also grow as a person. Through knowledge modules and skills modules, we share the equivalent of thousands of pages of psychology and personal development with you (and apply them to your daily practice).

  • Ignite Other's Growth

  • Growth is contagious! We see that after the fire is ignited, the change spreads throughout teams and organizations and inspires for further change and development.

  • Dirk Jan Versluis (foto Bart Honingh)

    Does the above appeal to you?

    Book a free discovery call. We would love to discuss your challenges and opportunities, and determine what difference our work can make in your life and leadership. Video calls are free and without obligation. We do

    • Video calls are free and without obligation.

    • We don't sell, we discover the match - personally and professionally. If our match wasn't made in heaven, we help you find someone else.

    • If necessary we speak with other consultants involved in your process to ensure greater clarity and results. 


    ‘I learn stuff I haven't heard before and that really helped me to see how things work. It has been very inspirational and it also dramatically increased my so-called emotional intelligence. It helped me to be a better and more conscious leader, and it is extremely rewarding to receive this feedback from my people as well.’


    ‘Working with Dirk Jan has not only helped me overcome my annoying health problem, but has also helped me to improve the quality of my life enormously. It helped me become a totally different leader than I have been for the past ten years. I cannot describe in words what that means for my results and the fulfillment it brings.’