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We are Dirk Jan and Anne-Marie Versluis, married and parents to three young children. Our life story is about freedom, authenticity and above all, love. Initially we pursued different careers, but Brainspotting brought us together business-wise and since a couple of years we teamed up under the Triunify® label.

We work with those clients who are too smart or too powerful for their own coaches and therapists, yet seem afraid for their true self and cannot help but notice that what always worked is now no longer sufficient to take the next step in their development.

With power, love and a bright eye for the bigger picture.

We have great trust in your abilities, and are happy to help you break free from your greatest blocks and realize life-changing breakthroughs in your life, your leadership and your business results.




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Dirk Jan Versluis

Dirk Jan Versluis (MM, MSc) is a licensed psychologist, RTT-therapist and internationally certified Brainspotting Practitioner, experienced in primary care, social psychiatry, addiction counseling and clinical trauma treatment.

Although his clients often call him ‘DJ’, he is actually a professional classical organist and mostly in love with J.S. Bach (whose complete organ works he performs in recitals).

For years he pioneered in the Dutch mental health field with Brainspotting, firstly 1-on-1 and later in group settings and retreats, which yielded incredible results for people that received tons of therapy already. In addition to the regular psychological training and education he received Dirk Jan is also trained and experienced in energetic healing, forms of hypnotherapy and somatically oriented approaches.

Since years he works with high-performing artists, athletes and CEO’s that need a more deep-going and sustainable result than most behavioral coaching has to offer. He works on a regular basis with survivors of violence and organized evil and also writes, speaks and trains groups of professionals. Dirk Jan loves reading and meditating, enjoying time with his kids and loves Russian martial arts.

Anne-Marie Versluis

Anne-Marie Versluis is a professional coach and internationally certified Brainspotting Practitioner. Herself coming from a background surrounded by generational war and attachment trauma, she personally knows what meaning liberation and healing from trauma can have.

Originally Anne-Marie worked in the financial field, but she couldn’t resist to gradually get involved in the inner work (and the rest is history). She took up Brainspotting with Dr. David Grand and Marie-José Boon and was also trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Dr. Russ Harris), Self-Compassion Training (David Dewulf), various forms of energetic work and working with generational trauma (Dr. Ruby Gibson).

Anne-Marie sees herself primarily as a mother, is often described as humble, direct and powerful and enjoys working with her own clients, training groups (and is frequently found meditating or swinging some Kettlebells).


Transforming Leadership and Trauma

Suffering from trauma or emotional blocks? Then you will probably seek to find a specialized therapist (good for the mind, but often no business sense, and generally speaking: healers mostly aren't leaders).

As an entrepreneur, do you want to take your business results to the next level? Then you will probably look for a business coach (who knows everything about marketing and revenue models, but can't help you with the personal shit that seems to sabotages everything).

Are you a leader, director or CEO and do you want to develop your leadership qualities? Hiring an accomplished executive coach can be a great idea! (primarily result- and behavior-oriented, usually little eye for the questions of the soul).

Our unique specialism is positioning itself right in the middle of the image above.

That is why we are your best partner when you notice that personal stuff is interfering with your leadership, your entrepreneurship and your performance on crucial KPIs.

The company name and brand Triunify® do not just stand for connecting trauma, leadership and performance. It also refers to the inseparable unity of mind, soul and body that permeates all facets of our work. And last-but-not-least it also refers to the threefold that is part of our mission: to help leaders with a great influence on their environment become free from the patterns of darkness, disconnectedness and destruction (see our e-book on Leadership Superpowers).

We believe that the world, humanity and business need this to face the challenges and growth spurts of our time and to enable the transition to a new reality.