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Specialist at the cutting edge of leadership, performance and trauma

Are you a conscious leader, entrepreneur or executive and do you carry the traces of sexual or emotional trauma, brokenness and self-destructive patterns in your life?

You are not alone! Many successful leaders and entrepreneurs struggle with this. Their inner strength enables them to lead a good life and achieve excellent results, but only they themselves know that emptiness, powerlessness and loneliness are recurring themes interfering with their personal and business lives.

Does that also apply to you and do you notice that this common thread not only affects your health and happiness in life, but also affects your personal functioning, your leadership and your business results?

This doesn't have to be the case! You too can become completely free of trauma and that you will live and perform at the level you are destined for!

What is required for this, is beyond “behavioral change” and “mindset management”. What really is necessary is a profound approach that transcends the rational and also manages to reach the trauma trails in your body and soul, so that you can transform your life’s greatest struggle into your greatest source of love and power.

We help our clients to actually make such a profound, lasting transformation. Most of them are highly gifted and sensitive people with great ambitions and a strong desire to leave a legacy. With our help, they achieve life-changing breakthroughs in their health, personal functioning and business results.

Is that what you long for too? Come talk with us!

‘The traumas that I still held in me just fell apart during those two days! It is really unbelievable how much power and energy I have received in return.’

Entrepreneur in human resource management, stuck in relational traumas that destroyed her confidence and career development

‘Working with Dirk Jan has not only helped me overcome my annoying health problem, but has also helped me to improve the quality of my life enormously. It helped me become a totally different leader than I have been for the past ten years. I cannot describe in words what that means for my results and the fulfillment it brings.’

Director of real estate company, contacted us with severe sleeping disorders and medically unexplained symptoms

‘I learn stuff I haven't heard before and that really help me to see how things work. It has been very inspirational and certainly dramatically increased my so-called emotional intelligence. It helped me be a far better leader, and that's exactly the feedback I receive from the people that work for me.’

Director of education institute, struck by burnout during an emotionally challenging reorganization



  • Sexual trauma

  • Emotional neglect and emptiness

  • Attachment wounds and early developmental trauma

  • Abusive or violent relationships

  • War and criminal violence

  • Ritualized forms of a abuse (SRA), including spiritual bonds

  • Trauma passed on through generations

  • Organizational trauma

Dirk Jan Versluis

I am Dirk Jan Versluis (MM., MSc.), licensed psychologist and Brainspotting therapist with extensive experience ranging from addiction care and clinical trauma treatment to performance coaching highly successful athletes, artists and CEO’s.

Trauma has my heart. And that's not because it's exciting, or interesting, but because it has tremendous potential not only to have people lose themselves but also connect to their deepest self in the mightiest way possible.

Leaders and entrepreneurs who overcome their own traumas develop into radiating sources of wisdom, sensitivity and inner strength that have an enormous impact on their people, their organization and their market. Our mission is to help these people become free, because we believe this is exactly the type of leader our ever-changing world is longing for.