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Life-changing results for your Personal Life, your Inner Development, your Leadership and your Business Results.

unblock your ambitions

Do personal struggles, traumas and emotional blocks hold you back from fulfilling your true potential?

Unblock Your Ambitions is an exclusive and results-oriented program with great depth and power. We work together for four seasons, doing everything it takes to heal your wounds, break through your most stubborn blocks and take your leadership and entrepreneurship to a higher level.

Why such a 12-month cycle? Because change is not a linear process but cyclical in nature (as are the seasons), and because great growth also raises new challenges and development opportunities that must be properly supervised and implemented.

This makes Unblock Your Ambitions the best we have to offer for clients with with significant blocks on the one hand and great personal and business ambitions on the other.


  • • Emotional and sexual trauma

  • • Anxiety and depression

  • • Personal or relational crisis

  • • Stress, burnout en exhaustion

  • • Unexplained health issues

  • • Spirituality and consciousness development

  • • Dealing with success and responsibility

  • • Grown harder professionally than personally

  • • Fear to lose everything

  • • Unhealthy and self-destructive patterns

  • • Loneliness, emptiness and need for inner child work

  • • Serious lack of peace and fulfillment

Need more than talking and behavioral change?

We often see that coaching and therapy turn out to be too superficial or too little transformative. Particularly blocks that are deeply rooted require an approach more powerful and more profound than mainstream coaching conversations or behavioral therapy can offer.

To achieve results that translate to all areas of life - including your leadership and entrepreneurship - a result-oriented and integrative approach is required.

Does the following apply to you?

  • You want get to the heart of the matter quickly (without time-consuming and powerless chatter)

  • You don't want unnecessary therapeutic digging and just work on what presents itself here-and-now in your personal and business life

  • You don't want to just talk: you're afraid of fooling yourself or not getting to the heart of the matter - besides, your biggest blocks are almost impossible to rationalize or verbalize

  • You don't have time to lie on the sofa every week - so you want maximum results in minimum time investment

  • You don't just want to clean up the shit, you also want to translate it into your leadership and entrepreneurship - with significantly greater results

Discover our groundbreaking blend of therapeutic work, performance coaching and in-depth personal development

Are you a conscious leader or entrepreneur, have you done some coaching, therapy or personal development already and have you found out that you need something more powerful and profound?

Then Unblock Your Ambitions might be exactly what you need:

  • Great power and depth in deeper struggles and blockages;

  • Maximum impact in minimum time;

  • Effortless integration with the daily reality of your leadership and entrepreneurship;

  • Highest service level with unlimited 1-on-1 work;

  • Possibility to involve personal and business partners in your change process to allow for even greater results;

  • Excellent accountability for greater and more sustainable gains.

Powerful Results in all areas

Our clients achieve great results in various areas of their personal and business lives - even when they are short on time, under great pressure or think they have already tried it all.

  • Trauma and emotional scars

  • Of course we have experience (3,000+) with EMDR and other well-known methods, but what really sets us apart is the years of pioneering work with Brainspotting (2 European firsts, 12,000+ sessions) and holistic psychological work with all forms of trauma-related issues (including dozens of people who couldn't be helped well in specialist settings).

  • Mental and emotional blocks

  • There are mental blocks that rationally speaking make no sense at all. We help you not only to understand but also to solve them - using also newer, groundbreaking methods and techniques.

  • People skills and emotional intelligence

  • Our clients double their self-knowledge, emotional sensitivity and understanding of human interactions. Incredibly important to every leader, and useful in all areas of life.

  • Translation to your business KPIs

  • With the Triunification Matrix® you will effortlessly translate your personal themes into your most important business KPIs and skills or characteristics that you need to develop in order to be more successful.

  • Significantly greater results

  • Our clients achieve greater life energy, greater inspiration and greater impact. Meanwhile, they take their business results to a significantly higher level and materialize their greatest dreams and ambitions.

  • Profound inner development

  • The bigger your breakthroughs are and the faster you grow, the more knowledge and personal development are needed to be able to bear that progress well. We offer our clients the knowledge and skills from 10,000+ pages of psychology, leadership and consciousness development - not just online learning but with excellent personal guidance.

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    Does all this appeal to you?

    Then come and talk to us! We offer a discovery video call to get to know each other and assess your possibilities - without costs or obligation. 


    ‘For me, life is a celebration for the first time and I can experience a peace in my life that is beyond any form or idea. This is due to the unique method that Dirk Jan works with, but also to the strength I personally have drawn from it. The confidence that I have gained that I am not a traumatized person, but someone who can make his own choices, especially in dealing with my wounds and scar tissue is a big gamechanger to me.’


    ‘What characterizes Dirk Jan, as far as I am concerned, is his loving and warm approach, in which there is real contact from person to person, no distance is created and a personal and profound contact is created as a result. My process was allowed to arise and develop there, without having to follow a protocol. After only a few months I had the feeling that I had progressed beyond 5 years in regular care.’