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A blueprint of your personal and business functioning - in a few hours, with great depth and practical advice you can use immediately.

Triunification Matrix

Personal development for conscious leaders and entrepreneurs

Are you an ambitious leader, entrepreneur or high-functioning professional and do you only want the best for your development?

Is there also a reason to look a little deeper than usual, because you run into personal struggles, mental or emotional blocks and behavioral patterns that prevent you from achieving your goals?

And finally, have you tried coaching, therapy or personal development before and is it important to you to make the right decisions and work on the right things?

We have developed the Triunification Matrix® to help you with this! In contrast to our other programs, it doesn't take months but only a few hours.


  • • Thorough insight in personal themes and struggles

  • • Assess personal development blocks

  • • Master your choices and decisions

  • • Understand dysfunctional patterns in your life

  • • How does trauma influence my success?

  • • Finding your mission and purpose

  • • Get to know yourself and your personal characteristics

  • • Utilize your true power and potential

  • • Find the most direct way to serve at your highest level

  • • Catalyzing spiritual development

At the highest level personal and business are inseparable

At the highest level of personal development, your personal and business self are inseparable. Everyday coaching reality shows however that this integration is oftentimes lacking. This has serious consequences:

  • Working only with parts of people yields limited results.

  • Main and side issues in development are not distinguished, as a result of which sub-optimal choices are made.

  • Coaching trajectories remain relatively superficial and purely focused on mindset and behavioral change.

  • Consciousness development and personal growth are not easily related to leadership and business effectiveness.

  • It is hard to build a bridge between inner processes and the tangible reality of the workplace.

Find the most direct way to serve at your highest level

The Triunification Matrix® is a development tool that offers an answer to all of the above challenges. In just a few hours you will gain thorough insight in yourself and your functioning, not only on the personal but also on the business level.

  • Short-term trajectory without obligation for further coaching;

  • In a face-to-face meeting of a few hours you will gain a high degree of clarity, direction and advice you can put to use immediately;

  • Includes personalized report and follow-up recommendations;

  • Personal and business advice questions (also from fellow coaches and consultants) can be incorporated.

A complete blueprint

Receive a completely integrated blueprint of your personal and business functioning. In just a few hours.

  • Gain insights in all relevant areas

  • Using some questions and questionnaires as preparation, in an extensive 1-on-1 session we take a close look at your greatest powers, blocks and yet unrealized potential - including no less than your personal patterns, leadership skills, entrepreneurship, physical and mental health, relationships and most important business KPIs.

  • Map out the higher-order factors

  • During our 1-on-1 session we integrate your answers to the preparatory questions. We classify the connections between your personal and business performance on the basis of 7 overarching themes: Foundation, Creative Force, Feelings, Heart, Truth, Insight and Inspiration.

  • Find solutions and interventions on the appropriate level

  • We clarify at what level of consciousness your main obstacles and conflicts are expressed: are they tangible and behavioral, is it emotional or mental in nature or is it soul and spiritual? Where a lot of coaching and therapy only focuses on one or two of these layers, we cover them all - from the most concrete to the most subtle.

  • Prioritize your development goals

  • To our clients the question is not whether or not they need change and development, but rather how to make choices in what to do and what not to do. You will learn to prioritize easily, based on your most important themes and personal qualities.

  • Make better decisions

  • Make your decisions from now on with a greater degree of self-awareness, true to your values and focused on your most important goals - without being hindered by reactivity, automatisms, fears and avoidance behavior.

  • Dirk Jan Versluis

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    Video calls are without cost or obligation. To discuss our greater coaching programs we need about 60 minutes, but in cases the indication for the Triunification Matrix is clear, we will usually need no more than fifteen to twenty minutes.


    'I have seen plenty of psychologists and coaches in my life and career. So much insight in such a short time: absolutely fascinating!'


    ‘The most valuable aspect for me is that you guys truly integrate stuff. I can make all kinds of uncoordinated moves myself, I just need someone else to make sure that it all comes together.’